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Dorset Elementary School
Baie D'Urfé, QC

Governing Board




The Governing Board is a decision-making body that assists in defining policy guidelines and operating procedures to meet the educational needs of all students.

If you have a concern about:

  • School rules/policy (as they apply to all students);
  • field trips;
  • or school board policy,

please feel free to:

  • Talk to a governing board representative;
  • write us a letter and leave it in our box in the main office;
  • attend a meeting and ask a question in the public question period.

We would love to hear from you!

Please note that the Governing Board cannot address issues pertaining to a specific child but rather looks at the well-being of all of our students.  

Please be advised that all minutes are available for Dorset families to read. They are located at the front office of the school. 


Members 2019-2020

Parent Representatives

Staff Representatives

Betty Cindric
Region 1
Parents' Committee Representative

Lisa Gonsalves

Wendy Longlade
Region 1 Parents' Committee
 Alternate Parent Representative

Linda Kollar

Emma McGillivray

Danielle Nethercott

Mohammed Namazi

Claudia Perez

Bill Petersen

Pary Skarogianis

Cari Wurst

Scott Taylor

Parent Alternates

Staff Alternates

Heidi Ektvedt

France Bourassa

Christine McLean

Claudia DeFazio

Josée St-Onge

Harriet Mitrikas

Community Representatives

Suzanne Black

Tracey McKee

Natalie Maurice

Eric Bender

Agendas & Minutes

  Agenda Minutes Meeting Date
May 13, 2020




  Governing Board Annual Report 2018-2019
  Parents' Committee Annual Report 2018-2019
  Parents' Annual General Assembly Draft Minutes
September 6, 2018
  Governing Board Frequently Asked Questions




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