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Remembrance Day 2017

At about ten to the eleven, on Wednesday, November 8th, while bagpipers rang out over the school intercom, the Dorset students quietly and respectfully gathered in the gym to remember. The Dorset students filed into the gym and took their places from the smallest grades up to the biggest and the peace pals took their places at the front facing their peers.

To begin the ceremony, Miss Lewis led the school in a bilingual singing of O Canada. When the song finished, students were invited to have a seat, and they quietly listened as Mme Choinière introduced the topic of Remembrance Day. One by one the Peace Pals took turns reading various pieces (see the full list below) carefully selected to engage the students in reflective thinking about Remembrance Day; the soldiers, sacrifices and hope for the future.

At the end of the assembly three candles were lit by the Peace Pals to represent Hope, Joy and Peace while the school paused for a moment of silence and respect for our soldiers. As the moment of silence came to an end, the students were thanked and dismissed to return to their classrooms where they spoke more about this special day. And soon, with a school full of students thoughtfully reflecting, another Remembrance Day at Dorset Elementary School came to a close.


Peace Pal Readings:

  • High Flight…a sonnet written by Pilot Officer John G. Magee Jr., a 19 year old pilot who flew for the Royal Canadian Air Force and died while flying a British Spitfire plane during the Second World War.

  • I Went To See The Soldiers…by Kenny Martin.

  • In Flanders Fields…by Canadian surgeon and Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae.

  • We Shall Keep the Faith…by Moina Michael, an American professor who conceived the idea of using poppies as a symbol of remembrance for those who served in World War 1, and wrote her poem in response to ‘In Flanders Fields’. The Peace Pals did the reading of it




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