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May 1, 2017

We are very happy to share with you our Award recipients for the QFHSA Unsung Hero Award and Golden Torch Award!

Stacey Lazarre Powell was again nominated to earn the Golden Torch Award which is intended to recognize a H&S member's dedication and has demonstrated an active leadership; we all know how much Stacey contributes to our school through her unending donation seeking abilities, participation, encouragement to other members and enthusiasm throughout the school year, over the years! We thank Stacey for her commitment and love that she pours over every activity, thank you!!!

Valerie Desmarais was the well deserved recipient of the Unsung Hero Award! This award recognizes a Home & School volunteer for her valuable involvement in everyday school life; her dedication merits recognition as she's always helpful, reliable, available and courteous. We want to honor her commitment with Scholastic Book Fairs, with our Library and throughout the years, with many Home & School events. Thank you Valerie!

This past Saturday (April 29th) after attending the AGM of our Quebec Federation of Home & School Association (QFHSA), Stacey, Sandy and Monica attended the Awards Diner Gala at the Novotel Hotel, where Stacey received her well deserved diploma and congratulations on behalf all the Home & Schools! You can see some pictures posted on our Facebook page!

Once again, thank you to Stacey and Valerie and to all our lovely, dedicated members!!

Sandy & Monica


April 2017

On Thursday April 6, 2017, the Dorset kindergarten students brought a favourite stuffed critter (toutou) to school. The stuffies spent the day in school doing activities with their owners and then they had a sleepover in school. Mme. Maurice read them a bedtime story and the children spent a few quiet moments with the toutous before bedding them down for the night. It begs the question...What do stuffies do at night? Watch and you will see!
(This video is an abridged version of the what the children watched at school.)


Baie D’Urfé park renamed to honour hometown Olympic soccer star and former Dorset student Rhian Wilkinson


Congratulations!  Here is the winning ticket from the Half-and-Half Draw!
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