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Remembrance Day 2017

At about ten to the eleven, on Wednesday, November 8th, while bagpipers rang out over the school intercom, the Dorset students quietly and respectfully gathered in the gym to remember. The Dorset students filed into the gym and took their places from the smallest grades up to the biggest and the peace pals took their places at the front facing their peers.

To begin the ceremony, Miss Lewis led the school in a bilingual singing of O Canada. When the song finished, students were invited to have a seat, and they quietly listened as Mme Choinière introduced the topic of Remembrance Day. One by one the Peace Pals took turns reading various pieces (see the full list below) carefully selected to engage the students in reflective thinking about Remembrance Day; the soldiers, sacrifices and hope for the future.

At the end of the assembly three candles were lit by the Peace Pals to represent Hope, Joy and Peace while the school paused for a moment of silence and respect for our soldiers. As the moment of silence came to an end, the students were thanked and dismissed to return to their classrooms where they spoke more about this special day. And soon, with a school full of students thoughtfully reflecting, another Remembrance Day at Dorset Elementary School came to a close.


Peace Pal Readings:

  • High Flight…a sonnet written by Pilot Officer John G. Magee Jr., a 19 year old pilot who flew for the Royal Canadian Air Force and died while flying a British Spitfire plane during the Second World War.

  • I Went To See The Soldiers…by Kenny Martin.

  • In Flanders Fields…by Canadian surgeon and Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae.

  • We Shall Keep the Faith���by Moina Michael, an American professor who conceived the idea of using poppies as a symbol of remembrance for those who served in World War 1, and wrote her poem in response to ‘In Flanders Fields’. The Peace Pals did the reading of it



May 1, 2017

We are very happy to share with you our Award recipients for the QFHSA Unsung Hero Award and Golden Torch Award!

Stacey Lazarre Powell was again nominated to earn the Golden Torch Award which is intended to recognize a H&S member's dedication and has demonstrated an active leadership; we all know how much Stacey contributes to our school through her unending donation seeking abilities, participation, encouragement to other members and enthusiasm throughout the school year, over the years! We thank Stacey for her commitment and love that she pours over every activity, thank you!!!

Valerie Desmarais was the well deserved recipient of the Unsung Hero Award! This award recognizes a Home & School volunteer for her valuable involvement in everyday school life; her dedication merits recognition as she's always helpful, reliable, available and courteous. We want to honor her commitment with Scholastic Book Fairs, with our Library and throughout the years, with many Home & School events. Thank you Valerie!

This past Saturday (April 29th) after attending the AGM of our Quebec Federation of Home & School Association (QFHSA), Stacey, Sandy and Monica attended the Awards Diner Gala at the Novotel Hotel, where Stacey received her well deserved diploma and congratulations on behalf all the Home & Schools! You can see some pictures posted on our Facebook page!

Once again, thank you to Stacey and Valerie and to all our lovely, dedicated members!!

Sandy & Monica


April 2017

On Thursday April 6, 2017, the Dorset kindergarten students brought a favourite stuffed critter (toutou) to school. The stuffies spent the day in school doing activities with their owners and then they had a sleepover in school. Mme. Maurice read them a bedtime story and the children spent a few quiet moments with the toutous before bedding them down for the night. It begs the question...What do stuffies do at night? Watch and you will see!
(This video is an abridged version of the what the children watched at school.)


Baie D’Urfé park renamed to honour hometown Olympic soccer star and former Dorset student Rhian Wilkinson






May 2016


At Dorset, we cherish our volunteers. We know that our school would be a lot different without them.

Some of our volunteers brighten our environment with their smiles and good intentions during the day when they come to read with young ones, assist students in finding books in the library, match pizza and subway lunches to names, help in the classrooms or special activities, make photocopies and deliver them to help the office, take pictures, strap kids up for Jungle Sport or manage the book fairs. 


Our volunteers also can be seen continually counting and guiding students on field trips and encouraging kids or running themselves at the Junior Cross-Country run or Track and Field.

We have many volunteers behind the scenes too, such those on Governing Board, others who organise hot dog lunches as a grad fundraiser, and a few who spend countless hours making sure all the needed pictures have been taken and are well-placed in the yearbook with the perfect colour combinations and the right font.

People who volunteer for Home and School often end up doing things they never expected to do, such as dressing up as Santa, calling out Bingo numbers, wrapping Christmas baskets, buying pancake mix, ketchup, forks, knives, syrup for 200, utilizing their charms and favours to get sponsors and animating giant board games in the gym with the whole school. They may be buying kitchen appliances or kicking staff out of the school with mischievous grins to sweeten up the décor. They may also do experiments on Dorset personnel by feeding them multiple desserts at once to see if they get sugar rushes. Maybe they will face their fears of speaking on stage during comedy night or do some bartending. They may even be asked to move fridges from the kitchen to the gym and back again. 

Elizabeth Andrew said “Volunteers don’t necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.” Most of our volunteers have multiple kids, are greatly involved with their children’s other activities and could use time to themselves. Have you seen Amanda and/or Ryan with their baby girl on their hip setting up, serving or cleaning up during a family event?

I quote a man named Ivan Scheier “The broadest, and maybe the most meaningful definition of volunteering: Doing more than you have to because you want to, in a cause you consider good.Thank you for making Dorset School one of your causes.

We appreciate that not only do you step up to the plate, you bring the equipment and rake the field.

We are sad that some of our volunteers are leaving us at the end of this school year but their kind actions have left imprints on our Dorset community.

On behalf of the Volunteer Reception Committee; Mme Gardois, Mrs. Pary, Mrs. Harwood and myself, our principal Mrs. Maurice and the rest of our staff, thank you.

Mme Sylviane Martinis



April 2016


March 29, 2016

Click here for Thank You Letter from TSAW Committee

February 2016

Community Officer Constable Dilegge visits Dorset

Dorset Elementary had the pleasure of welcoming our community officer – Constable Dilegge. He came to the school to talk about the WITS program with students from Kindergarten to Grade 6. WITS is a program that complements our Anti-Bullying and Safe and Caring School policies. WITS stands for: WALK AWAY. IGNORE. TALK IT OUT. SEEK HELP. The students enjoyed demonstrations that enforced the above four important points. A tug of war between the “bully” and the “victim” (along with all the individuals who help the victim) won against the bully. The students were engaged and took new strategies along with them.

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January 2016


Dorset currently serves Zones 49 and 51 – with transportation.

On Monday, January 25th, a decision was made by the Council of Commissioners. They have decided to allow students in Zone 52 remain at Dorset. These students would not have to ask for a transfer yearly and would be in the official Dorset zone. However, these families would not receive transportation to the school.  


January 15, 2016

Dorset students had the amazing opportunity to participate in JungleSport. The school’s gymnasium was filled with ladders, ropes, climbing walls and much more. The students had a great time! We would like to thank Home & School for helping to fund this great event, as well as all of the parent volunteers!

December 6, 2015

Congratulations to the Dorset's chess team - the Dorset Destroyers - for winning a silver medal at the annual Brebeuf Scholastic Chess Team Tournament, held in Montreal, December 6th 2015.

The 4-member team, comprised of grade 5 and 6 students, played very well as a team, showing support and encouragement for each other under pressure, while having fun at the same time, too.

Thank you to Coach Evan, under whose guidance this marks the second year in a row the team has medalled, Last year, they took home the bronze.

Well done, Destroyers!

November 20, 2015



Friday, November 20th was an exciting day at Dorset! The day finally arrived and so did Burovision. The day began with three large trucks pulling up to the school filled with furniture and other goodies for our school. Over 40 Burovision employees were ready to unpack and build in a matter of minutes! Within a few hours we had brand new tables and chairs in the library. We also have a new check-out desk, as well as a reading bench with storage. The library is a very important part of the school and will surely be enjoyed by many students and volunteers!

The Resource room was also luck to receive four brand new tables with bright yellow chairs! The computers were also given a new table along with a teacher work space. The whiteboard on wheels was the perfect touch and will be very useful for all who use the room.

The last room was truly remarkable! The art room was transformed into our new STEAM room where the students and staff can use for a multitude of activities! The room has six new rectangular tables on wheels, vibrant red chairs, a teacher’s desk and storage as well. The most spectacular addition was the DIRTT wall. The images are so crisp and colorful! The students will be inspired and amazed each time they enter the room!

Thank you to for the generous refreshments that were provided by our parents as well. It certainly added a nice touch to the day for this generous team!

Yay for Dorset!!! 

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October 19, 2015 

Thank you  Dorset Elementary families! We passed our goal of $4753.90!!! We sold $5250.00 worth of Scholastic books! For a school of 250 students – that is beyond incredible!

Thank you  to our volunteers who were here all week long setting up, selling, dressing up and cleaning up! This means that the school will benefit in so many ways from the Book Fair proceeds! From the last proceeds we were able to get books, tons of science equipment, tinker toys, gears and Ki’Nex sets. We are truly grateful to all! Thank you!

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October 15, 2015 

Clifford and Geronimo Stilton visited Dorset this week to support the Book Fair. They even chose to participate in Phys. Ed class. They were great with sit-ups and push-ups! Way to go boys!

October 15, 2015 

Dorset recently hosted students from the Lester B. Pearson School Board’s General Building Maintenance program. The students and their teachers came to paint our library, art room (soon to be our new STEAM room), entrance ways and hallways. They did a great job and we truly appreciate their enthusiasm, generosity and support! Students helping students.. schools helping schools!

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