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November 7, 2015

On Friday, November 7, students in Grade 2 & 2/3 had a visit from Isabel – an engineer – to help the children explore their STEAM project on Architecture. On two occasions, the students, teachers and parent volunteers took a walk around the neighbourhood to take pictures (with school iPads) of various buildings. Isabel – the National Coordinator from Let’s Talk Science – came to share her expertise about architecture – in particular – beams, arches and triangles. The students had the opportunity to experiment and explore with some really fun “hands on” activities. Thank you to Isabel! Next the students will be looking at building their dream homes – which we will share with you when they are complete!

Please click here for photos


Thank you to the Pearson Educational Foundation for their generous support to Dorset’s STEAM initiative. The foundation has given a grant that enables the school to purchase three Bee-bots!



Dorset is also receiving one set of Lego WeDo as well!


The students will certainly benefit from these tools – as it will help them develop essential skills for computers, programming and robotics.





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